Kangaroos, Talbingo Mountain

I started photographing the Talbingo Mountain eastern grey kangaroos that have made their home on the lower slopes when we first started staying at Talbingo Tourist Park each Easter. This was years before the decimating bush fires of the summer of 2019/2020. Before the fires there literally hundreds of kangaroos that called the mountain theirContinue reading “Kangaroos, Talbingo Mountain”

Kangaroos at sunset, Talbingo NSW

Each day as the sun begins is daily descent and it starts to cast its golden light, the kangaroos that live on the lower slopes of Talbingo Mountain, find their way slowly past the Talbingo Tourist Park to drink in the water of Jounama Dam.

Jounama Creek, Snowy Mountains. Free Camping

Jounama Creek is great for a summer swim with magnificent mountain trees for shade and during Autumn and Spring, the campfire makes for a restful break away from the rat race. During winter, it could be snowing!