Hot Air Balloons, Canberra shrouded in fog at dawn, Monday photo of the Day – Landscape

Hot Air Ballooning Canberra

Melbourne Skyline at Sunset, Saturday – Urban Photo of the Day

Having spent the day at the Australian Open Tennis, we were wandering back to our hotel along the banks of the Yarra River, the sun dropped below the city skyline and cast a beautiful pink hue over the river, Princes Bridge and CBD buildings.

Emus, Outback Queensland Birds – Friday Photo of the Day

Running along the side of the road as we travelled past them, almost as though they were trying to race us

Breakfast, White Elephant Cafe, Margaret River Beach

Sunday morning brekky at White Elephant Cafe, with this magnificent view and a great menu, what more could you want!

Our accommodation was back up on the sand dunes behind Ganarabup Beach and each morning we would pass the café on our morning walk, it was always busy, so we decided that was going to be our Sunday breakfast location. We went for our morning walk and called in quite early, admired the view and did some people watching as the café was quickly filling up.

Woolly, my significant other, had his usual bacon and eggs breakfast, I always like to try something different and chose French toast with ricotta cheese, berries and mango coulis. Is your mouth watering? Because it was delicious.

Decorative wall at the Forbidden City, Beijing China. Thursday – Monochrome Photo of the Day

Built hundred of years ago, the decorative wall is one of the beautiful features at the Forbidden City in Beijing China. Construction of the Forbidden City started in 1406.

Gnaramup Beach walk to Margaret River Mouth

Suffering from severe bushfire damage in 2011 the Prevelly and Gnaramup Beach headlands have been replanted with native wildflowers and shrubs and rejuvenated with walkways and rest stops. Each morning we would grab the joggers, and hats and camera and head out for our daily walk, from Prevelly Beach to Gnaramup Beach and the mouth  of the Margaret River. The ocean roaring beside us and the tranquility of the bushland and fauna creating a beautiful, relaxed  contrast. The galahs and birds perched on the railings of the boardwalk, screeching and flying off, only to settle again after we passed. The early morning surfers were out and the joggers maintaining fitness before heading off to work, we always nod hello as they passed and the tourists at a more leisurely pace, like us, enjoying the moment, before heading back to the Margaret River Beach Resort for breakfast

Red and White Border, Niagara Parks, Botanic Gardens. Wednesday – Flower/Garden Photo of the Day

One of the many border gardens on display at Niagara Parks Botanic Gardens, Niagara Falls USA. Making a strong statement in bold colours, red and white with various shades of green

Mother and Joey Kangaroo Tuesday – Wildlife Photo of the Day

Mother Kangaroo stands tall while her joey feeds on the grass, the unusual attraction at Talbingo Tourist Park

Mother Kangaroo stands tall while her joey feeds on the grass, the unusual attraction at Talbingo Tourist Park

Canoeing Margaret River

It is so peaceful and quiet, you can hear the splash of the oars as they hit the water as we gently canoe Margaret River

A beautiful way to get some exercise, relax and enjoy the scenery, the birds and nature

Following morning tea, our first experience on our Margaret River Discovery Tour. Sean, our fantastic guide is in the canoe ahead of us and we endeavour to follow without zig-zagging from one side of the river to the other, each of us learning very quickly how to paddle a canoe.

Water Feature and Bamboo Garden, Wagga Botanic Gardens Monday – Landscape photo of the Day.

Gazebo water feature and bamboo garden lagoon at Wagga Botanic Gardens