Planning and Decisions – Cape York Roadtrip

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The road train

Our friends put out the word a couple of months ago, “We are planning to journey to the top end in June/July. Who is going to come with us?”

Will we go? Will we think about it. What planning do we have to do. Will we need to attach a snorkel to the Ranger. How far can we take the caravan. Or will we borrow/hire a campervan? Will we take the tent or buy a roof top tent.

Things to do

  • Investigate and plan an itinerary
  • Learn to fly the drone
  • Sell the house
  • Pack up the house
  • Find storage somewhere
  • Or choices – find a smaller home, store the possessions there
  • Decisions to make

After joining a couple of Facebook sites with thousands of members, we have lots of information to find and absorb.

Fast forward to end of June and we are making progress.

  • The house has been sold
  • The furniture has been stored
  • The Ranger has had a snorkel fitted.
  • We have decided on a route – Hay, Mildura, Broken Hill and then across Queensland to Cairns.

The next step is to start planning an itinerary and hopefully we are off on a journey of a lifetime

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