Outback Emus

The landscape is flat, the dry grass is sparse and the drought is evident in this harsh land, baked by the summer sun. We are on the way home somewhere , between Charleville and Cunnamulla, (hey, it is a big country) we found emus along the side of the road, they were grazing the dry grass and generally just hanging around. There was a mother with three teenage chicks, a couple of lonely bachelors and a pair. They watched us, ignored us and then started racing us. We stopped to just watch them with the droopy feathers hanging down their torso and back, their strong black beaks and long neck with little short stubby feathers, almost down like. Then when they had had enough, simply turned, showed us their behind and walked away, sometimes with a quick glance to see if we were following, but generally just ambled away into the bush beyond the fence.

Published by woolliestravels

Travelling Photographers, over twenty countries experienced and checking off our bucket list. Camping and caravaning in Australia, exploring this big beautiful country.

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