Seagull Chick Nursery, Busselton Jetty Western Australia

Perched on a rotting railing, all that remains of the old Bussellton jetty, nesting seagulls, in holes in the timber, some with eggs, the hopefuls with no eggs, but still nesting, and to my delight, two chicks, one brave and up on top to view the world and the other snuggled down out of the wind.

Far enough away from mischievous humans but not safe from flying predators, Mum was always on guard watching over her babies. The parents took turns to fly away and bring back food to feed the greedy, hungry, chicks.

Travelling in our rented Hyundai I30 from Thrifty car rentals we were on our way from our Best of Margaret River trip to catch our flight from Perth back to reality in Melbourne to travel home in Wagga, Busselton took our attention, we missed stopping there when we visited the West about ten years ago.

The water always attracts us and we found the Busselton Jetty , beautiful blue skies, aquamarine calm ocean, a massively long jetty and four pretty as a picture, quaint, blue boat houses and miniature train which travels the 1.8km distance of the long jetty with visitors aboard then returning to the beach.  We wanted to walk the Jetty and experience the history and stories that were shown in murals and placques all along the 1.8km jetty as it stretches into Geographe Bay. The construction of the jetty began in 1865 and was in service for over a century. It was refurbished in 2011.

The seagull chick nursery at Busselton Jetty has been filmed and photographed using my much loved Fuji XE11 camera.

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Travelling Photographers, over twenty countries experienced and checking off our bucket list. Camping and caravaning in Australia, exploring this big beautiful country.

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