Back to the Beginning, Margaret River Discover Tour

With a wealth of knowledge of both white settlement and aboriginal ancestry, Sean, our Margaret River Adventure Discovery tour guide took us to a beautiful spot on the river where the local aborigine tribe would meet and camp. It was easy to see why this spot was chosen, it was pretty, tranquil and in the heat of summer, lovely and cool. The water tumbled gently over large rocks, which had been worn smooth through the millenium by flooding waters, with potholes in the rock dug by swirling pebbles as the water washed through the valley.

Sitting on the sandy beach below the rock wall, dipping our toes in the cool water, Sean, had brought with him, some local home baked bread, which smelled delicious and was nice and crusty and he gave us a taste of three different types of honey from the local trees. One which stood out for me, was the honey from Agonis Flexuosa, the peppermint willow and you could actually taste the mint in the honey.

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