Swimming with a deadly stingray, Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

I couldn’t believe that I could be a metre away from a wild stingray.  As I paddled in the shallows, it seemed to come towards me on each wave breaking on the shore.  I was wet to the waist, but it was a beautiful sunny spring day and I was intent on filming the medieval creature as he swam close by almost taunting the crowd who were wading in the shallows with him.

Hamlin Bay is known for the Stingrays which come into the boat ramp, to feed off the fish bones and offal that the fishermen throw away as they clean the fish.

Travelling from Margaret River to Augusta, visiting Hamlin Bay was on our list. The Bay is situated in the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park and the bush is majestic Karri Eucalypts and Peppermint Willow. The Bay has an old boat jetty, which makes for great spots for the kids to fish around and swim in the shallow protected water

Published by woolliestravels

Travelling Photographers, over twenty countries experienced and checking off our bucket list. Camping and caravaning in Australia, exploring this big beautiful country.

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