Crystal Wonderland, Lake Cave, Margaret River WA

There are a number of caves in the South East of Western Australia region and we found Mammoth cave first, however, Graeme is not a fan of caves at all and if I wanted to descend into this, for me, formidable entrance in the ground I would have to do it alone, as it is self-guided, albeit with an audio guide. I might be a country girl, but I am a chicken at heart. 
We then travelled along Caves road between Margaret River and Augusta and we found Lake Cave, Boranup, I was not to be disappointed.
The entrance to the cave is spectacular, formed in a huge circular crater called a doline, and giant Karri trees stand guard as we descend down over 300 steps to the bottom of the crater, a good level of fitness is required. An underground stream flowing through the chamber has formed a lake. The drip of the water, creates an eerie feeling. Our guide turns on the spotlights to light up different sections as we move through. 
With crystal straws sparkling in the lights and reflecting in the lake, it is like looking at a crystal wonderland. The suspended table, a spectacular crystal decoration weighing several tonnes, hangs from the ceiling. It is believed to be the only one in the world. The table was formed when the column touched water and in later time the water level dropped.

When back above ground, visit the informative Interpretive Centre and view the entrance to the caves from the viewing deck in the tree tops. Tickets to a fully guided tour at the time of writing were $22.50

The Lake Cave was one of my highlights of our Best of Margaret River trip

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