Lagoon Creek, Barcaldine wetlands and wildlife

A creek without water. Wetlands without water. Barcaldine is in the middle of an extended drought. The wetlands have been formed by building a small dam over Lagoon Creek.The dry waterbed is covered in dry bullrushes and the numerous species of birds and wildlife and a mob of kangaroos have inhabited the wetlands and feed on the plentiful grass, making this area their home.

The highlight of visiting the wetlands was an encounter with the shy, elegant brolga. He didn’t really want to stay and talk, but he just kept wandering away from me.

A board walk from the main road, on the western edge of town, winds its way along the creek with exercise stations set along the lets the nature enthusiast exercise in the sunshine. It is a favourite spot with tourists and locals, with picnic tables, formed paths and access to information on the native species of birds, native animals and history of indigenous people and the first European settlers.

In the dry arid interior they take advantage of the small amount of water held back in the waterholes of the creek.

An unexpected adventure on our Central Queensland road trip

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