Windy Wellington NZ

In our pre-departure briefings, we were warned about “windy Wellington”. Usually “Murphys Law” applies to us to dampen our spirits, however, this time, Wellington may have been overcast and threatening, but it was calm and not a breath of wind in sight.

The shuttle buses were pulling up as we disembarked, to take us from the docks area into the city. We got off at the first stop, which was outside the most magnificent old building on the edge of the CBD.

Walking into the city we found a coffee and Wellington’s fame for the “Coffee Capital” lived up to its reputation.

Wellington’s main drag wasn’t very long and and after a short walk, we found the cable car that takes passengers up the hill to a lovely cafe, Planetarium, Cable Car Museum and Botanic Gardens and views overlooking Wellington and the harbour beyond.

Taking a leisurely stroll along the winding paths that took us through the Botanic Gardens, a garden of national significance we found, native forests, conifers, plant collections and seasonal plant displays. We stopped at the Lady Norwood Rose Garden for lunch and delighted in the Victorian style glass-house, the Begonia House.

At the lower edge of the Botanic Gardens is a colonial cemetery and if you are interested in history, gravestones and the stories of families of the early settlement of Wellington, then a stroll through the cemetery is worth the effort.

Crossing the main freeway we are walking past New Zealand Parliament buildings and the “beehive” is a very unusual exhibition of architecture in stark contrast to the original Parliament buildings.

Taking a shuttle bus, we wanted to visit the Wellington Te Papa Museum. We spent about 60 minutes in the Gallipoli: the scale of War exhibition. Being a most unusual presentation, with eight ordinary, local heroes being portrayed, through their stories and word and also giant sized sculptures, which took 24,000 hours to create.

Another beautiful day trip on our Royal Caribbean, Ovation of the Seas, New Zealand cruise

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One thought on “Windy Wellington NZ

  1. Hi, we were on the previous cruise and there were no reports of any illness when we disembarked, however, there was a crew member who was ill on the cruise that went out after us. We were in a group of eight and not one of us has had any illness. We got home on Thursday and the NZ government closed the borders on Saturday. So we were very lucky to have had a wonderful cruise without any problems.


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