The Ampitheatre, Carnarvon Gorge, QLD

Located in Central Queensland approximately 600 kilometres north west of Brisbane, it is 30 kilometres long and 600 metres deep at the mouth. The closest towns are Injune in the south and Rolleston in the north, we had travelled by vehicle, towing our caravan from the south on the Canarvon Highway.

Staying in the Takarakka bush resort for three nights we experienced Australian nature at its best. Teaming with birdlife, kookaburras, magpies and many smaller species they were all accustomed to humans and came quite close to our camp.

On our first day of discovery we hiked along the main gorge track. There were numerous crossings over stepping stones in the Carnarvon Creek, which runs through the centre of the gorge. Running water carved the gorge out of sandstone rock over millions of years and the magnificent Ampitheatre was accessed via a tiered ladder and a narrow chasm through sheer rock walls.

After the heat of the gorge outside, the cool moist air was welcomed. Surrounded by sheer cliff walls, the quiet was accentuated by the gentle sound of running water. The little stream was running down a channel in the rock wall and formed a little pool at the base of the ampitheatre.

Cycads and fan palms, along with smaller ferns, took advantage of the cooler climate and provided a beautiful oasis on the floor of the ampitheatre.

Canarvon Gorge was a highlight of our Central Queensland road trip

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