Skydive Wollongong

We had stayed at East Corimal Beach in our caravan a couple of times and on our morning bike ride we usually ended up at North Wollongong Beach. I had watched with amazement on a number of occasions as the sky divers floated through the air and landed with precision, either on the sandy beach or on grassy parkland behind the beach. This adventure was soon on my bucket list

My other half couldn’t believe that I had decided to jump and did I get some teasing. I had to be at Illawarra Regional Airport very early in the morning to start my adventure with Skydive Australia and I it was there met my skyjumping partner, Steve. He took me through the training and what I was expected to do and then got me kitted up. I had a smile on my face, but underneath I was very hesitant.

We boarded the light aircraft and flew out over the hinterland away from the ocean. We were harnessed together and Steve checked, tightened and checked again our harness and with a few simple instructions of what was expected of me as we jumped out of the plane and to make our landing safe. The rest of the journey was to enjoy

The rush of air and the feeling of free-falling was incredible, I always laugh at the photographs of jumpers when the air pressure distorts their faces out of all proportion and I was exactly the same, Steve had his GoPro camera in action both in video mode and photo shooting to record this once in a lifetime experience.

Once Steve opened the chute and we started to float, there was an eery silence after the noise of the aircraft and it felt like time stood still. We floated over the ocean and circled and dipped, I could see the city of Wollongong below us and out to the mountains in the distance as Steve manoeuvered the parachute to landing position, which today was to be on the beach. With my legs outstretched and Steve behind and below me using his legs and strength, we landed safely in the sand and the silk parachute floated to the beach around us. By this stage my motion sickness affliction was moving into action, I tried my best to hold myself together and sat motionless for a while to recover as Steve unhooked and separated us and gathered up the chute.

I would totally recommend Skydive Australia, they were absolutely professional, friendly and made this experience memorable.

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